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  • Pathfinders Mission, Iceland

    Greetings to you all on such a beautiful day. I pray you are enjoying the sunshine.  We have a Pathfinders mission at hand on August 23rd-31st of 2019.  The cost is $700 + airfare.

    The point of contact is Mr. Mike King at 1-931-626-9358.  He has informed me that the seats are filling up, so if anyone in your churches would like to go; they should please call him right away and get their names on a seat.

    This mission wil lbe to remodel an outpost that was damaged.  The outpost is meeting outside in the cold weather.  Heating will also be installed.

    When you call Mr. King, if there are any changes to the task at hand , he will let you know.


    Thank you

    Brady Allen Jr.

    SERR Outreach/Missions

  • Mission Loris, SC

    Directors I pray that this email finds you well.  We have another mission in our Region that nees attention both physical and financially.  The point of contact is Ms. Ester P. Boyd the church administrator and treasurer.  They have buildings that are in need of restoration after the Hurricane along with some pressure washing details.  They will supply the equipment to do the work.  If you do not have a church close enough to lend a hand, please ask if they would be able to send financial support.  If you can only support them financially,please send it to the church administrator at thsi address.

    First Assembl;y Of God, 250 Heritage Road, Loris,SC 29526


    Thank you

    Brady Allen Jr.

    SERR Outreach/Mission

  • Mission Dublin, GA

    Directors this MAPS mission will take us into Dublin, GA.  The Teen Challenge Center is asking for physical help.  The point of contact is Rev. David Kincaid at 1-478-984-5252 or his wife Trista Kincaid.

    The center will need painters, electricians, and ground maintenance. All skills are welcome.  For lodging they have camp grounds and RV hookups.  That means that unless you have an RV, you will need your camping gear.  I am told that the food will be handled by the center.

    Derek if by chance you have anyone near this center, please find out if they would like to lend a hand. Have them contact the Kincaid’s for details.

    On another note, if you have a church or individual that would like to go on these MAPS mission, please have them let you know for records sake.  The Region would like to track these missions both US and abroad.


    Again, if for some reason you need to call me, please do.  910-554-8640

    Brady Allen Jr.

  • Mission Huntsville, Alabama

    Directors there is a need in Huntsville, Alabama with roofing.  I have attached information to this notice with point of contact to find out the what is needed.  You can contact Michael Garcia or his wife Martha.  Their church is in ruins from the storm and for the local roofers to help will cost from 21 to 24,000.

    If possible, please give them a hand.  They don't need material.  They had another ministry donate 150 squares of shingles.

    If you should have someone go there to assist, please let me know so we can log it. 

    It appeares that I can not add an attachment, because I can't pull it up; so here is the phone number that is needed to get locked on.  Michael Garcia 1-256-468-2632 or Martha 1-256-783-0166

    Thank you

  • Missions POC Information


    The POC contact information has changed.  It is no longer the West Florida Disaster Relief Coordinator.  It is the US MAPS Placement Service.  If any one have a desire to give a helping hand anywhere in the US, this is the address to put into your computer.  It will bring up 3 pages with addresses and phone numbers.

    This again is a great opportunity for us as Royal Rangers to expose the ministry to the world.  The address is as follows…



    If you have questions, please call me or email me.




    Rev. Allen, Brady Jr. NC District Royal Ranger Director